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Aviation Market Research-Custom Client Project Examples

Commercial Aircraft/MRO Assemblies, Components, Market Strategy Guidance

Supplier precision assemblies, components (airframe, engines, systems) seeking growth in tier 2, 3 solutions. Key channels: in-house airline repair facilities, MRO shops, specialty distributors. Custom analysis of key competitors, top customer targets, acquisition candidates.   

New Ice Management System Assessment-Commercial, Military Fixed Wing, Rotary

Company developing new in-flight ice management system, responsive to aircraft design changes, more composites, new regulations (FAA, EASA). Custom research analyzed current, emerging solutions, insights directly from top air framers on new requirements, key capabilities. Identified list top retrofit, forward fit aircraft candidates, revenue projections, market strategies.

Passenger To Freighter Cargo Conversion-Global Opportunity Assessment     

Aerostructure client seeking global growth with new concepts for passenger to freighter conversion, armed with  STCs and high-value IP for narrow-body, medium, large wide-body aircraft. Custom research analyzed changing needs of cargo airlines, aircraft OEM initiatives, top global growth regions, competitors, potential strategic partners, detailed market strategy recommendations

Flight Deck Retrofit (Part 23 Class III) Upgrade Solution-Pilots, Owners Research

Commercial avionics firm seeking growth in legacy Part 23 Class III aircraft, needed detailed input directly from a representative cross section of owners and operators on future upgrade interests. Research analyzed multiple user segments: personal, corporate charter, cargo, flight schools, search rescue. Delivered detailed insights each market, critical guidance for design, market entry cockpit.

1-Defense Case Study Unmanned Flight Con

Unmanned Air Vehicles-Flight Controls-Market Opportunity Analysis

Company with unique electro optical, motion-control stabilization technologies (identify, auto detect) required custom guidance on drone market opportunities amidst rapidly evolving regulations. Assignment, critical to planning decisions, provided in-depth input from 25+ top SMEs on future requirements, design features, competitive landscape, recommended pursuits

Cirrus SR20 DeltaHawk.jpg

General Aviation Aircraft-Re-Engine Solution Global Opportunity Roadmap

Manufacturer of new aviation engine solution (higher fuel efficiency, extended range, light wt.) to replace certain type-certified, experimental airframes needed custom update of owner operators w/ large fleets, multiple registrations across 50+ countries. Essential to sales prospecting, this research assembled latest data from multiple sources (aviation registries, dozens of secondary sources) enabling client to define highest-potential prospects, strategic partner candidates. This greatly accelerated client's time to market, new solution revenue generation.

New Avionics Opportunity Research-General Aviation, Owner Flown Aircraft

System supplier to business, general aviation (light and heavy-performance singles, twin engine) needed independent feedback on market interest several new solutions in development. In-depth research conducted with aircraft OEMs, installation mod houses, retrofit experts. Combining growth projections from reliable industry data, this custom assessment delivered detailed summary current, future market drivers, constraints, competitive positions directly relevant to company unique capabilities, identifying high margin and high-growth opportunity targets. 

11-Defense Case Study Fighter AC Upgrade PTW 8-28-15.jpg

F-15 System Upgrade, Price to Win, Competitive Analysis, Capture Support

Supplier (not incumbent) seeking contract to upgrade a particular F-15 avionics system needed independent outside guidance for its proposal: past competitions, insight other suppliers, comparative price bids. This custom research provided critical incremental data, analysis helping capture-team successfully secure win, leading to other F-Class contracts.   

Military Jet LM.jpg

Military Platforms-Upgrade, Retrofits-Opportunity Assessment

Supplier of fuel management, landing gear controls, proximity sensors, health monitoring for military transport, fighter, rotary, UAVs. Client needed highly-specific research on emerging opportunities upgrades, candidates for retrofits (key legacy aircraft platforms). Research involved direct engagement with key SMEs at Air Logistic Centers, Depots, Primes-successfully securing valuable perspective and direct insights on changing requirements, unmet needs, potential timing, selection process, interest in follow-up meeting with this client, key contacts.


Global Jet Aircraft Business Opportunity Update, Top Customer Targets

Global aircraft manufacturer of military trainer aircraft, struggling with delayed development issues, required fast-track custom market opportunity assessment of top business potential for its new platform. This analysis independently updated 10-year sales potential across 50+ top countries, ranked attractiveness of each (based on order history, current fleet, budgets, other factors critical to company planning its global sales rollout.

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